AAC Chiffon VB soft wheat

Chiffon VB Soft wheat is high yielding soft wheat of medium-tall stature, with an awned spike and hollow stem. It has good straw strength, good shattering resistance, and high kernel weight. It is well adapted to soft wheat-growing areas of the western Prairies. Developed by Agriculture Canada (LRC) Lethbridge. Principle breeder: Harpinder S. Randhawa, Ph.D. Parentage: AC Reed/SWS53


Main Strengths:

  • High yielding
  • Performs well under dry conditions
  • Days to maturity comparable to AC Andrew
  • Resistant to stripe rust & powdery mildew

Alberta Seed Guide – Soft Wheat Variety Trial


Variety Overall Yield (% of AC Andrew) Maturity Protein (%) Height (cm) Loding Resistance Shatter Resistance Stripe Rust
AC Andrew 100 L 10.8 79 VG VG I
AAC Chiffon 104+ L -0.4 88 G VG MR
AC Meena 97- L 0 80 G G MR
Sadash 110+ L 0.2 82 VG VG R