Muskwa barley

Muskwa Barley is a six row, smooth awned, general purpose feed barley that is well adapted to all soil zones of Western Canada. It is a semi-dwarf variety with short and strong straw, resistance to smut, intermediate maturity, and traits equal to or better than Vivar. Dr. Joseph Nyachiro and the Lacombe Barley Research Group of Alberta Agriculture developed Muskwa Barley at the Field Crop Development Center in Lacombe.

Main strengths:

  • Smooth awn
  • Shorter (semi-dwarf) than feed and malt checks with lodging resistance superior to that of AC Ranger, CDC Mayfair and Tradition
  • Percent plumps are similar to Vivar and outperform AC Ranger
  • Good resistance to covered smut (Hordei) and false loose smut (U. Nigra)
  • Test weight and 100 Kernal weight equal to that of Vivar
  • Moderate resistance to stem rust (Rpg 1)

Alberta Regional Variety Testing Program – Muskwa Barley


2 or 6 Row Awn Type Overall Yield (% of Metcalfe) Maturity Test Weight (lb/bu) TKW (g) Height (cm) Lodging Resistance
AC Metcalfe 2 R 100 M 51 46 79 F
Muskwa 6 S 105+ M 50 42 73 G
AC Ranger 6 S 107+ L 49 43 74 F
Chigwell 6 S 104 M 49 41 76 G
Vivar 6 R 109+ M 50 44 73 VG