DL Lacross Forage Pea

DL Lacross Forage Pea is a semi-leafless forage pea developed in Europe for green manure and silage. DL Lacross performs well in mixed cropping situations or as a single crop. It has a smaller seed size and stands very well on irrigation and dryland.


Main Strengths:

  • Good yield potential for forage use
  • Very good standability/ Lodging resistance
  • Very early maturity
  • Small seed size

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers 2019 Trials

2019 Pulse and Soybean Variety Guide

Variety Maturity Yield Relative Vine Length TKW (g/1000 seeds) Lodging
CDC Jasper Medium 82 Long 180 G
DL Goldeye Medium 75 Long 160 VP
DL Lacross Medium 90 Long 190 G

Check variety = CDC Maxim