Guttino hybrid fall rye

Guttino Hybrid Fall Rye is a widely adapted, winter hardy fall rye. Its expected end uses are food and feed grain, conserved forage, grazing and potential ethanol and fibre production. Guttino boasts the highest falling number of all lines in test, which is of special interest in the milling market. Its measured agronomic, disease and quality traits were similar to or in range of the Canadian Fall Rye Cooperative Registration Trials check cultivars.

Main strengths:

    • High yield
    • Highest falling number
    • Excellent for milling
    • Superior lodging resistance
    • Excellent winter survival

AB Seed Guide – Fall Rye


Cultivar Hybrid or OP Grain Yield (% of Check) Winter Survival Test Weight (lb/bu) Falling Number (sec) Height (cm) Lodging Resistance
Hazlet Op 100 Ex 59 140 108 G
Bono Hybrid 131+ Ex 59 260 104 VG
Brasetto Hybrid 121+ Ex 59 260 104 VG
Guttino Hybrid 121+ Ex 60 290 101 VG
Prima OP 93- Ex 58 180 121 F