Fabelle Fababean

Fabelle is a medium-sized, low tannin fababean that fits well in the growing food and feed markets. Developed by DL Seeds.


Main strengths: 

  • Low vicine / convicine so suitable for food and fababean food ingredients use
  • High yield & Good standability
  • Medium seed size (slightly larger than Snowbird)

Alberta Regional Variety Trial


Variety Type Overall Yield* Stn Years Testing Relative Maturity Height (cm) TSW (g) Flower Colour
CDC Snowbird Zero Tannin 100 44 Early 91 474 White
Athena (NR) Tannin 117+ 9 Medium 94 546 Coloured
Fabelle Tannin 121+ 9 Medium 98 511 Coloured
Malik (NR) Tannin 96- 32 Medium 85 623 Coloured

* Compared to Snowbird NR = Variety not registered with CFIA
Remarks (abbreviated): All coloured flower types have seed coats that contain tannins and may be suitable for export food markets if seed size and quality match customer demand. White flower types have zero tannin. Varieties tested for a minimum of three years are considered fully tested.