CDC Precision Durum

Prairie durum growers invest heavily in innovation and technology to maximize production responsibly.


Main Strengths:

  • 2″ shorter than Brigade and Transcend
  • Best in class rating (VG) for standability
  • Excellent test weight
  • Moderately resistant to all rust

Crop Variety Evaluation Trial Data – CWAD


Yield (As a % of Strongfield) Protein (%) Height (cm) Lodging Days to Maturity Sprouting Common Bunt Leaf Rust Stem Rust Stripe Rust FHB
CDC Precision 116 13.7 93 VG 105 F R R R R MS
Strongfield 100 14.4 89 F 105 F MR R R MR S
AAC Spitfire 109 -0.6 87 G 0 P R R R R S
Transcend 105 -0.3 94 G +2 G R R R R MS
CDC Alloy 111 -.5 93 G +1 F R R MR MR MS

Data Interpolated from Saskatchewan Variety Performance Group Trials