AAC Gateway winter wheat

AAC Gateway is a CWRW line bred by Dr. Robert J. Graf at the Lethbridge Research Centre, crossing CDC Osprey/N05L 1226. This variety is ideally suited for growers in areas of Alberta, Manitoba, and Eastern Saskatchewan.


Main strengths:

      • Yield similar to Radiant
      • Shorter straw
      • FHB resistance
      • Very good lodging resistance
      • High protein
      • Excellent milling characteristics
      • Medium maturity

Alberta Seed Guide – Winter Wheat Variety Trial


Variety Yield (% of Radiant) Winter Survival (%) Maturity Protein (%) Height (cm) Lodging Resistance FHB Stripe Rust Stem Rust
Radiant(check) 100 VG L 12.0 90 VG S S S
AAC Gateway 99 F M 0.9+ 77 VG I R MR
CDC Buteo 96- VG M +0.3 91 F MT S I
Flourish 100 F E +0.6 80 VG S I I
Moats 105 G M +0.7 91 F S MR R