CDC Inca yellow pea

  • Improved yield compared to the yellow check varieties
  • Good lodging resistance; better than the checks CDC Golden and Agassiz
  • Medium vine length
  • Powdery mildew resistance

CDC Dorado yellow flax

  • Shorter maturity (102 days) than the check variety, Flanders
  • Higher oil content (45.2%) than the check variety, Flanders
  • Higher linolenic acid content (64%) than the check variety, Flanders
  • Immune to flax rust and moderately resistant to wilt and powdery mildew

Cardale wheat

  • High yielding
  • Semi-dwarf
  • Good lodging resistance
  • Excellent disease package
  • High protein
  • Early Maturing
  • Good resistance to shattering

CDC Precision Durum

  • Significant step forward in yield potential
  • Strong standing
  • Grade protection

CDC Evolve spelt

  • High yield coupled with earlier maturity
  • Shorter straw than the check varieties
  • Less lodging than check varieties

KWS Daniello hybrid fall rye

  • High Yielding
  • Lowest Ergot Risk
  • Grain or Silage
  • Very Good Lodging Resistance
  • Excellent Winter Survival
  • Suitable for dryland or irrigation
  • Very High Falling Number for Milling Markets

Guttino hybrid fall rye

  • High yields
  • Superior lodging resistance
  • Excellent Winter Survival