CDC Simmie Red Lentil

  • Early to medium maturity
  • Good resistance to blight
  • Good resistance to anthracnose
  • Yield 103% – 109% of Maxim
  • Rated for 34 cm tall

AAC Network Winter Wheat

      • Replacement for  AAC Gateway in Southern Alberta
      • Short strong straw
      • Good winter survival
      • Milling quality winter wheat
      • Highest protein
      • Good bunt resistance


AAC GoldNet Durum

  • Parentage includes AC Transcend Durum
  • High Yielding
  • Medium season durum
  • Good standability at medium height
  • Improved leaf spot resistance.

AB BrewNet Barley

  • ​Yield 1% above AAC Synergy
  • Good lodging resistance
  • Test weight and kernel weight similar to checks
  • Moderate resistance to FHB, smuts and scalds

DL Lacross Forage Pea

  • Good yield potential for forage use
  • Very good standability/ Lodging resistance
  • Very early maturity
  • Small seed size

KWS Serafino hybrid fall rye

  • Very high yielding
  • Multi-purpose Rye: Grain; feed, flour, and distilling
  • Excellent straw strength
  • Very good drought stress tolerance
  • Low ergot risk



  • Tall & Strong Straw
  • High yielding – up to 12% higher than check
  • High grain protein
  • Elevated resistance to FHB

Fabelle Fababean

  • Low vicine / convicine
  • High yield & Good standability
  • Medium seed size

KWS Propower Hybrid Fall Rye

  • Up to 15% higher forage yields than other hybrid rye varieties
  • Excellent quality silage, forage, and feed
  • Very good lodging resistance & Winter Survival
  • Performs well on irrigation & Dryland
  • Low ergot risk

CDC Inca yellow pea

  • Improved yield compared to the yellow check varieties
  • Good lodging resistance; better than the checks CDC Golden and Agassiz
  • Medium vine length
  • Powdery mildew resistance