Welcome to SeedNet

Mission: Grown by Farmers for Farmers

We would like to introduce you to SeedNet, a company created to increase awareness of and sustain the independent family owned seed supply chain expertise that exists in your community. SeedNet members live in, and contribute in many ways to those communities. We are farmers; we are your neighbours.  As seed specialists, we are the link from the plant breeder to your field.  We have many years of experience introducing and producing seed varieties. Who better to go to for information on varieties, than the person who grew them?

SeedNet will also provide opportunity for its members to co-exist with large industry.  By working in unison and showcasing our unique perspectives, we will be able to provide a stronger voice when meeting with large industry. Our goal is to develop partnerships which stimulate long-term opportunities, and then pass the value of those opportunities, back to our customers.

We are knowledgeable, invested and committed to the Seed Industry and our Communities and look forward to contributing to the success of your farm.

Contact the following SeedNet members as a trusted source for your seed needs

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